For All the Crazy Neighbors...

Growing up one of my favorite things to do at Christmas was to get in our old station wagon and go look at Christmas lights. A family station wagon with a hole in the floor so huge you could poke your feet through it! Luckily we didn't have to drive far because almost everyone decorated their homes and yards for Christmas.

For me, it made Christmas more exciting! My favorite was the house with a Charlie Brown Christmas display that featured Snoopy and Woodstock parachuting down through the trees into Santa’s sleigh. It was spectacular!

Times have changed and unfortunately you do not see too many Snoopys or Woodstocks. There isn't the crazy neighbor who covers his home with two million Christmas lights in every neighborhood anymore. I know not everyone does, but I sure miss those homes that made Christmas a little more special by giving us a sense of community.

So in the spirit of Christmas and as a thank you to our loyal customers we have decided to dedicate our 88 foot long store window to that crazy neighbor, to all those who lit up their homes and gave us the chance to look forward to something incredible every year!

Our hope is that the Woodstock Market Christmas Window Reveal will become one of your treasured Christmas traditions!

Every year a theme will be chosen for our Christmas Window Display and kept a tightly guarded surprise. Each September we will begin carving the characters, building sets that would make Neiman Marcus proud, and filling the Christmas Window Display with countless whimsical details.

The day before our annual Christmas Open House we will close the store for its transformation. Then we’ll reopen at 7pm Friday evening to welcome you and your family with carolers singing and hot chocolate flowing for the Big Window Reveal.  

It’s our hope that the window will make you smile and remind you of the simple joys of Christmas just like seeing Snoopy and Woodstock in the old station wagon did for me. We hope it will inspire our dealers, our shoppers and everyone who sees it to become givers. And that’s why every year we will partner with at least one local nonprofit for the entire holiday season to provide for immediate needs in our community.

The Christmas Window Display and The Big Give are inspiring other businesses. We are grateful for assistance from Valspar, Georgia Foam in Gainesville, Georgia Commerce Bank, and Charlie Tope from Mimms Enterprises. We welcome other businesses and organizations to join us in our effort and if they have the resources we encourage our neighbors to launch their own. We can each make a difference in our communities and in the lives of others.

There are only a few more days until we unveil this year’s Christmas Window Display theme. In the meantime here are a few sneak peeks from around the workshop.