Hilarious Christmas Open House Tips from Rethunk Junk by Laura

In a post this week called Survival of the Fittest, Rethunk Junk's Laura Whitlow shares her best advice for shopping Woodstock Market's Christmas Open House on her popular and hilarious blog. Laura covers everything in side-splitting detail. From physical training, to dressing oneself both comfortably and tactically, to overnight accommodations, Laura has thought of every possible way to ensure a productive weekend of Christmas shopping at Woodstock Market.

I’m sure the owners won't mind a bit if a thousand or so of you show up this week and dash thru the store at lightening speed practicing. Go for it!

When it comes to outfitting one's self for the big event, Laura has two objectives: 

Dress for success! ...My suggestion? Sweats and comfortable running shoes. Two advantages here… 1. you can move quickly without those trendy high heeled boots on and 2. You will look like you haven't really come with wads of cash, allowing you to sneak up on the other shoppers, grab what you want, and dash to the checkout line before they know what’s happened.

And she even addresses how to alleviate shoppers' remorse...

Make sure you give back!! To help ease your conscience about the fact that this weekend is all about getting the goods, Market has come up with a plan for you to donate canned goods, toys, or even pay a wee 5 bucks to come shop early. Makes no difference how many women you trip if you have brought a can of green beans with you. The Lord will forgive you for snatching things out of other shoppers hands if you have just donated Buzz Lightyear to the cause. A $5 bill erases an entire day of darting thru the store at warp speed thinking only of yourself.

Be sure to read the full post on Rethunk Junk by Laura's blog! Rethunk Junk fans will want to purchase plenty of tickets for our raffle. Laura has donated an entire chest of drawers and every drawer has a special surprise inside! Proceeds from the raffle go to our "Be Someone's Santa" Toy Drive. 

And be sure to check our other dealers' websites and social media pages as well. On their Facebook page, Beyond the Mossy Tree announced a doorbuster special for shoppers who donate $5 to shop early Saturday morning from 9am to 10am. While I Heart Purdy Things has been sharing sneak peeks of her space decorated for Christmas with customers via Instagram.