MEET! Dennis and Stefanie from Junk Drunk Jones

Woodstock Market is home to over 100 small businesses each offering you distinctive finds to style your space and your look your own unique way. The personalities behind the varied spaces under our roof are a huge part of the store's appeal. Junk Drunk Jones is a popular storefront near the back corner of Woodstock Market. There is a tremendous selection of new old-stock advertising, vintage clothing, and collectable antiques under the shop's retro flashing sign.


You may be surprised to know the dealers behind Junk Drunk are a father-daughter duo, Dennis McGuire and Stefanie Jones. The family has curated what we believe to be one of the most amazing gems in North Georgia, an entire antique and vintage town housed in multiple outbuildings on their Canton property. It would be a solid gold episode for the History Channel's American Pickers!  

WM: We think it’s terrific that y’all are a father-daughter picking team! Dennis, what pickin’ traits has Stefanie inherited from you?

Stefanie: I would like to chime in first if I may, as an avid history nerd…I mean history buff, they found it rather easy to introduce their love for antiques with me early on. It was just one of those things he found I enjoyed and we could bond over. I was raised on the History Channel (when it actually broadcasted historical content, and not gator hunting and pawn store shows) oh, and Antiques Roadshow of course. I learned early on the value in a good story, and that every antique has a story. I started snagging stuff for my own little collections around age 8. He and my mom took me to every antique shop possible, country-wide. We actually took off for 6 weeks one summer, just to pick. We didn’t call it that back then, but that is certainly what we were doing.

Dennis: What she said definitely covered all the bases on that one!

Stefanie: Can I also mention that we have recently coined the phrase “The family that picks together sticks together?” It is cheesy, but true!

WM: So fitting and so true! Stefanie, is there an item that you've picked that your dad just didn’t get?

Stefanie: Many of the things that we gather, and when the mood strikes, we sell - are things we have collections of ourselves. There are two of my personal collections dad didn’t quite understand but supported anyways and that is old hotel keys, and old circus act posters/sideshow banners. He definitely was scratching his head on those two, but has seen the values of these collections already starting to grow. He is usually not disappointed when I trust my gut.

WM: All of us at Woodstock Market can identify with the phrase “Junk Drunk” but tell the readers what it means to be junk drunk, Stefanie.

Stefanie: Envision walking into an antique mall, a flea market, a great yard sale, or anywhere that has an endless supply of great items. You look around and see an absolute sea of treasures, so many cool knick knacks and odds and ends that you can barely wrap your head around it all. You instantly think, “OH look! I could use this, and I need that thing, man I want that too”. As you walk through this treasure trove you can almost feel the endorphins moving through you. You, my friend, are getting junk drunk. Did that make sense? I tend to get carried away, and distracted easily…squirrel!

 WM: Okay so that is pretty much what happened to us the first time we saw your collection in “The Town”! I thought it might be some sort of cardiac episode, but those were just junk endorphins. That’s a relief! Dennis, share with us what “The Town” is and how it came about.

Dennis: Well, I spent about 15 years collecting old classic cars, and when I got out of that I was left with some empty buildings.

Stefanie: Nobody likes an empty building!

Dennis: Exactly, so I revisited our old love for antiques. We had a lot of items in storage from our stints at other local antique malls we were vendors at prior to the car hobby. Between that, a few eBay snags, and a whole lot of road trips pickin’ we have created what my kids have nicknamed, “Dennisville”.

Stefanie: Dennisville…Population 8. All joking aside, Dad has built an entire town, I will start the “verbal tour” with the general store. ~A.L. Jones Mercantile~ (named after my daughter, Adeline Lily) looks like a fully functional general store and market, cans and packages galore,not one detail was overlooked. Move on a little to a postal type area, which then leads to a full service station, ~D.J.’s Pure Station~ (Dad’s initials). Naturally it features the gas pumps and all the proper trimmings. Then we move on to the watering hole, ~Chelsia’s Tavern~ (named after the first grandchild). Cross the street and you are at ~Olive’s Cafe~ (no link to any of us, we just like the neon sign that points to it). Olive’s Cafe is a glorified soda fountain, once again, with all the proper trimmings.

WM: With all of those “stores” in your town, Dennis, what’s one treasure from your lifetime of pickin’ that you'll never sell?

Dennis: My wife? Haha, well there really are too many things that we just love to really mention one in particular. I am hard pressed to sell some of the items that I have set up in the town, but that is another story for another day.

Stefanie: We do have some pretty neat items that are family heirlooms that are off-limits when it comes to a price tag. “Safe to sell” items make it to the showroom and online for everyone to take home and enjoy, like we do. We like to create an atmosphere where people can visit, take a few trips down memory lane, and get “Junk Drunk” with us!

You can follow Junk Drunk Jones on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They have a new yet nostalgic website offering an expanded selection of the signs, clothing and collectables available in their Woodstock Market showroom. In addition you can keep up with their pickin' exploits on their popular blog.