VISIT! The Black and White Space

In our last post we introduced you to a father-daughter picking team. Today we are taking a tour of one of our newest spaces expertly assembled by a mother-daughter decorating team.


The Black and White Space debuted in our store a few weeks before Christmas. Interior decorator Charlene Peacon and her daugher Heather Corn say they loved Woodstock Market for the store's variety adding, "It has class and fun and originality."

We would say the same thing about their space on the front wall of the store that is stocked predominantly with furniture and accessories in varying hues of black and white.

For New Year's, Charlene and Heather topped the Christmas trees flanking the entrance with paper top hats and dressed up the dining table that is the space's focal point with party hats, blowers, disco balls and bottles of bubbly. Talk about fun!

Heather whose home is decorated in a combo of black, white and tan says, "It's simple, elegant, crisp, and makes a statement when you see it."


A standout in The Black and White Space is the large selection of Feed on the Word dinnerware and tabletop items.

The five piece place settings and serving pieces like salt and pepper shakers, platters and butter dishes are each graced with Scripture verses.

Themes include love, wisdom, family and children among others.

Heather was introduced to the Feed on the Word dishes over 10 years ago at a church Christmas dinner. They made a huge impact on her and she says she always hoped for the opportunity to carry them.

"I love that His word is there in front of a family at each meal, snack, etc. and they are made for every day."

Charlene and Heather owned and operated their own retail space in Miami called Whimsies for years until Heather was diagnosed with leukemia.

The diagnosis came two months after marrying her husband John. The family relocated to Atlanta and Heather underwent a stem cell transplant at Emory.

When asked what her favorite Scripture is, Heather responded with Psalm 91:11: “For He will give His angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways.”

"It's what I hung on my hospital door at Emory. Every doctor and nurse had to read that before entering my room. It changes your mindset and humbles you to know He has it all under control and guards you with His angels every day."

For more beautiful black and white inspiration, visit The Black and White Space's facebook page.