A Most Unlikely Way

If you were to visit WM right now everything would probably look calm, much like ducks on a pond. But beneath the surface, our feet are churning a mile a minute to bring you another spectacular Christmas Window Display. 

As a small independent retailer we are often asked why we go to such great lengths for our Christmas Window Display. For us the answer is simple. We do it for our customers and our community.

As a native of Atlanta I remember going downtown to Rich’s Department Store for the lighting of the Great Tree, a quick ride on Priscilla the “Pink Pig”, and the reveal of their magical Christmas windows. You could feel love and joy in the air as thousands of people crowded those downtown streets because everyone knew that night meant Christmas had officially begun in Atlanta.

The Christmas events that began at Rich’s were one of Atlanta’s most beloved traditions. And to think they began in a most unlikely way – by a Hungarian born Jewish man named Morris Rich, founder of Rich’s Department Store. Sadly, in 2005 Rich’s Department Store closed their doors and with them went the beautiful Christmas windows.

As a small business we too are carrying out Christmas traditions in a “most unlikely way”. We don’t take up a city block or have the resources of a big department store. What we do have is a love and appreciation for our customers and a desire to keep one of Atlanta’s most beloved traditions alive with our Annual Christmas Window Display.

Join us Friday, November 7 at 7 pm for the unveiling of this year’s Christmas window – Santa’s Steampunk Workshop – where a playful group of elves accidentally let Santa’s sleigh get away before all the toys are loaded. Then, come inside and snap a few pictures with your family and friends at our new Christmas photo booth.

It will be a fun night and we truly hope to see you there!

A Few Interesting Facts About the Christmas Window

  • It took 15 individuals over 2,000 hours to design and build WM's Christmas Window.
  • Approximately 90% of the window is made out of polystyrene foam.
  • To make the foam durable it is sprayed with a hard coat similar to truck bed liner.
  • The theme for this year’s window was decided before last year's window was completed.
  • Due to the size of the window, pieces had to be built in 4 different locations and will be brought together and assembled Nov 6-7.
  • Lowe's generously donated all of the paint used in the windows.
  • Some pieces built for the window will be available for sale after Christmas.