VISIT! Somewhere In Time

Tucked away in the Northwest corner of the store is a treasure trove of vintage romance called Somewhere in Time. Two plantation-sized, antique screen doors frame the entryway.

Dealer Denise Hankins has a knack for finding antique and vintage religious relics, hats and gloves of glamourous days gone by, and other sought after collectables. 

You'll find silver trays overflowing with Sonnet books, baby shoes and time worn building blocks, rosaries and statues of saints...

Some of the more luxurious items found in Somewhere in Time of late are 300 count cotton pillowcases with sweet and funny sentiments printed on each one. A favorite says, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight."

Since you're sure to find a thoughtful gift here, Denise also stocks racks of artful greeting cards for any occasion.

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